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Limor Markovzki


Limor was born and raised in Toronto.  She has always been passionate about Art - especially acting.  The first time she realized she wanted to act was when she did a monologue in her improv class.  A director from New York told her that she had a talent for acting and strongly encouraged her to pursue that path.  


Limor studied Fashion and Cosmetics in School. Even though she graduated with honours she knew she had to follow her dream.  She could not get the director's voice out of her head.  She left the cosmetics industry to go back and follow her true heart.  She trained with Miriam Laurence and Allan Guttman, to name  a few.  She auditioned for William Esper Studio and got into their 2 year Meisner program in New York and graduated.  Limor is also a Graduate of Second City in Toronto (Levels A-E).


For 2 years she soaked up Broadway shows, off-broadway shows, subway performers and felt a constant sense of inspiration from the electricity of the city.  She immersed herself in her classes.  Everyday was a blessing on her journey. 


Limor then returned to Toronto excited to pursue acting.  She is focused on improv and creating her own projects, writing a one woman show "1+3=ME" which she performed at The Toronto Fringe.


Limor remains artistically curious by pursuing a life with meditation, journaling, gratitude and reading books on spirituality, plays, and business.  


Limor is also an animal advocate, film buff and loves to go see live theatre.



1187A King Street West

Toronto, ON M6K3C5

Breann Thordarson; Talent Agent​

(t): 416-900-5561 ext 1


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